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  • As a company, Accolade has over 17 years of experience with the SR&ED program. Together, our staff has over 65 years of combined experience building SR&ED claim submissions across many different industries. SR&ED is our core focus and we have never had a claim refused

  • Our firm has purposefully forged excellent relations with CRA’s SR&ED reviewers, through our report quality as well as our demeanor. We are often told by reviewers that they are happy to see our firm’s name on the SR&ED claim forms when a review is scheduled!

  • Open and genuine relationships with CRA allow us to get honest feedback from the reviewers on data capture quality, how to improve the next year’s submission, etc.

  • All your data are stored and shared only via encrypted, zero-knowledge cloud storage

  • Working with clients in many different industries also provides a unique perspective, which enables us to pick up on eligible opportunities which often go overlooked

  • Contingency pricing eliminates all risk to you, the claimant!

  • Recently increased CRA requirements for documentation and project tracking have made some claimants weary of the program, but Accolade’s goal is to make sure you meet all CRA requirements for documentation of SR&ED activities


  • Regular visits with your staff to identify SR&ED projects, gather information, review data capture, keep you updated on program changes and build the most complete body of documentation possible

  • We will help setup effective, “CRA-proof” data capture systems, or we will augment your existing systems. While CRA expects claimants to prove eligibility through accurate documentation and progress tracking, first-time claimants rarely keep such evidence

  • Full representation of each claim to CRA, including defense of the claim if it is reviewed, including thorough review preparation

  • We always train and update your staff each year on SR&ED program rules and how your company’s activity fits in to the program

  • Full preparation of SR&ED financials, including Taxprep import files that make the filing process easier for your accounting firm. This is an important added value, since it saves your accountants many hours of effort and significantly reduces the fees required for them to finalize tax forms used for the SR&ED claim



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