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The Accolade Consulting Group Inc. provides each client with all of the following services:

  • Free consultation at client site, to determine whether a SR&ED claim is possible

  • Training of client’s engineers and staff in SR&ED requirements and methodology

  • Installation and setup of a simple and easy-to-use internal data capture system at client site, allowing for easy and contemporaneous (as-you-go) data capture of SR&ED projects

  • Highly professional preparation of technical and financial SR&ED reports for CRA

  • Regular visits to Client's location for updates on project progress, which increases communication and helps avoid errors

  • Work closely with client’s existing accounting group. If your accounting group uses Taxprep, we will provide them with a Taxprep import file – which should all but eliminate the time required of your accounting group to transfer our SR&ED claim information to your company’s corporate tax return

  • We focus on well-written technical reports and documented expenditures to make sure the claim is clear, documented and defendable. We are always as thorough as possible on each claim, in part to try and avoid reviews. However, a handful of our claims are reviewed by CRA each year. When a review is requested by CRA every once in a while, we fully represent your company with CRA, including thorough preparation of your team for review day and attendance of the review on site 

Throughout every communication with our staff, complete confidentiality is assured

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